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The Mecan River Inn is a 2 story, 26 room family-owned hotel built in 2004 by the Johannes family. The family also owns Johann's Bar & Grill, the business across the street which was established in 1988. Its original intent was to offer a place to stay for both the travelling students at the nearby Operating Engineer School, as well as those who travelled from all over the Midwest to participate in Johann's Poker Run-Pig Roast motorcycle charity rallies that benefitted cancer research and the children's hospital.

   Over time it evolved into a sportsman's getaway. Word got out that the snowmobile trails went right past the property, and hunters were tagging bucks that broke state records in the area. There is great fishing year-round, and eventually ATV trails opened up too. Now people didn't need to have an expensive cabin way up in the Northwoods to enjoy the great outdoors! They could come to the Mecan River Inn in central Wisconsin, enjoy nature at its finest, and get more "bang for their bucks"! 


In recent years, the nearby Caribou Bay Retreat and the rise in popularity of rustic country style weddings has made the Mecan River Inn the ideal destination for wedding parties. The Caribou Bay, only a mile away, is renowned for their professional and memorable experience. Couples can also utilize Richford's beautiful St. Peter's Church built in the 1800's, and have their reception catered by Johann's at the large Richford Community Hall. All within short walking distance of the Mecan River Inn.


Whether you are looking for a simple weekend getaway to enjoy some live music or a pool tournament at Johann's, enjoy the great outdoors on the water or in the forest, or have the most memorable rustic experience when you unite with your soulmate...


The Mecan River Inn will be your second home, where you can truly enjoy a slice of the country life.              

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